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    [Patch Note - 29.08.15] The new feature Bounty System


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    [Patch Note - 29.08.15] The new feature Bounty System Empty [Patch Note - 29.08.15] The new feature Bounty System

    Post by fshnchps on Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:29 am

    Bounty System

    You might have tried special dungeons and got owned right? That's right they're incredibly hard, but it's totally do-able with proper geared character.

    If you're incredibly geared, you'll run through these without issues.

    You can exchange the MISC and Boxes you get from there for Cash and W-Coin. Faster than farming F1's, harder than F1.

    That's how it is, if you wish to do this visit the website and go to Bounty System

    Or visit this link below
    [Go to Bounty System]


    Woodi Wheel

    - Removed Superior / Ultimate (Obisidian) Weapons
    - Removed Ultimate (Ice) Weapons


    Due to too many consecutive violation of the BSQ rule where you cannot bring Obsidian/BlackDragonLord in there has been breached. (For those who don't know, these are extremely OP weapons with +3000% cdmg)

    I've decided to remove the weapons from every single player and from the woodi wheel. They will no longer be attain-able in the game.

    But in the near future it might.

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