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    V2.5 Patch Notes (18.10.2015)


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    V2.5 Patch Notes (18.10.2015) Empty V2.5 Patch Notes (18.10.2015)

    Post by Emi on Sun Oct 18, 2015 12:40 am

    V2.5 Patch Notes


    Skill Changes

    - Disabled

    Witch Curse:
    + Changed to freeze
    + Requisite changed

    Energy ball:
    + Attack speed scale

    I'm gone Bear:
    - Cooldown increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds

    Windmill Lv 1,2,3,5:
    + Super armor
    ~Lv 4:
    + Attack speed scale

    + Super armor
    + Attack speed scale

    Twin Fighter
    Bunker buster:
    + super armor

    Infinite turning Kick:
    + Super armor
    - Removed Attack speed scale
    - Requisite changed to Lv.1 bunker bust

    Dragon Uppcercut:
    + Super armor
    Fusion State
    - Removed visual effect

    Fusion Boost:
    + Duration increased to hours

    All Twin required Skills:
    - Can only work in Fusion State now

    Item Changes

    Easter Lily Bracelet
    + Removes Dodge Rate completely from character

    Set effect for Black Dragon Lord Sword Shield(Cash)
    + Now only requires sword

    Set effect for Black dragon Lord Sword (Cash)
    - Removed +1500 absolute def rate

    Soon to come

    VIP Fashion: Will be implemented very shortly
    + Ability to change Hairstyle ID
    + Ability to change Face ID

    Automatically download patches.

    Complete revamp of website with services easy to access and use, you can try it out here: http://ex-dragonica.com/v2

    Club membership:
    Will grant special bonuses and discounts. More information shortly.

    This Bear will eat your dreams ("\(@o@)/")

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