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    [Patch 2.9 - 2.92] The End Tier is almost ready!


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    [Patch 2.9 - 2.92] The End Tier is almost ready! Empty [Patch 2.9 - 2.92] The End Tier is almost ready!

    Post by fshnchps on Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:20 am

    This server had [[Legendary] Black Dragon Lord] set from Woodi shop being its' best tier along with the weapon.

    That is not going to be the case much longer.

    The new set called Endairon consist of armor for each job, except drakans.
    Each class will also be able to get a Weapon
    and the IceBound accessories from WoodiShop will be upgrade-able to a new tier.

    That is the plan for Patch V3.0

    We'll also be making use of Crafting/Gathering Proffession System. There will be potions and useful items that can be crafted using ingredients from there.

    So as of Patch 2.91 I have unlocked a higher speed and making gathering and proccessing easier and faster

    I have also implemented a new type of Effect that can be put on items and weapons:
    [Patch 2.9 - 2.92] The End Tier is almost ready! 6737f18c89

    The "STR up 3500" is a mistake. These Endairon weapons are similiar to Elga weapons, some will have +35% STR.


    Gathering / Proccessing has been made extremely easier and faster.

    You can now level, farm there without problems now.

    These resources will be used to craft new items eventually. So pay close attention to Patch Notes.

    ]Blue Mithril]
    ]Ice Nucleus]
    ]Endairon Crystal]

    These 3 ingredients will be main components to crafting Endairon Sets. They are still un-obtainable, but you can still work towards them.

    I won't tell what is used to craft those materials though.

    I'm pretty sure some of you really hate Invoker because they don't have any Heal. Well Guess what, I've now enabled [Wide Heal] [Patch 2.9 - 2.92] The End Tier is almost ready! Wideheal with a 5 second casting time which can be reduced with Casting time reduction stat. The cooldown has also been lowered. And naturally, it cannot be used in PvP/Battlesquare

    I do apologize for all the restarts I had to do while making these patches, but if it weren't for those, I wouldn't be able to do the patching and test it until it works.

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