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    [Patch Note] V3.11 - PvE Buff for specific skills


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    [Patch Note] V3.11 - PvE Buff for specific skills

    Post by fshnchps on Sun Dec 06, 2015 2:27 pm

    [Endairon Weapons]

    Claw & Katar now has
    +0.3% of Enemy HP (OnHit) instead of +0.1%

    Katar has got additional stat
    +3500 True Damage when landing a Critical Hit

    Blade has got additional stat
    +5000 True Damage when landing a Critical Hit

    [Skill Changes]

    :: Revenge
    Maximum Reflect percentage lowered to 10% from 40%

    :: Offensive Aura
    Fixed bug where it did not increase total MATK and PATK by 35%. It now does.

    :: Marionette
    Now scales on Attack Speed again
    Reduced DMG by over 50%

    :: Multi Stripe (Ultimate)
    Enabled in PvP

    [PvE Skill Changes]

    All the skills I am about to list, has had their skills dmg/cooldown/range buffed in various of ways for PvE.

    Naturally, these skills cannot be used in PvP.

    To obtain the PvE version, you simply need to keep the Level of the skill at 4

    List of (PvE) Skills changed:

    :: Rolling Ground
    :: Ascending Dragon
    :: Dragon Dive

    :: I'm Gone Bear
    :: Wrath of Earth
    :: Gust Slash
    :: Magnum Break
    :: Whirlwind
    :: Death Bound
    :: Wyvern Blade
    :: Death Stinger

    :: Ice Shower
    :: Wind Blade

    :: Final Decision
    :: Upper Screwdriver
    :: Windmill
    :: Head Spin

    :: Throwing Dagger

    :: Ambush
    :: Violent Blow
    :: Sky Penetration
    :: Shadow Blade

    [Known Bugs Issues]

    All the (PvE) Skills at Lv 4 that has been changed. Do NOT have an icon. Will be fixed with the next patch

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