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    [Patch Note] V3.41 - Skill Rework Started


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    [Patch Note] V3.41 - Skill Rework Started

    Post by fshnchps on Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:00 am

    [Skill Changes]

    :: Marionette
    - Reduced DMG by about 20%

    :: ShadowBlade
    - Increased DMG by about 90%

    :: Souldrain
    - Reduced DMG by about 45%

    :: Magma Piston
    - Reduced DMG by about 45%

    :: Reverse Gravity
    - Reduced DMG by about 50%

    :: Arch Sanctuary
    - As replacement for Sanctuary not working
    - Ticks speed increased
    - Heals 2500 HP each tick
    - Radius increased
    - Cooldown decreased

    :: Barricade
    - Now gives +60% Block Rate in stance
    - Disabled in PvP

    :: Rolling Ground
    - Can now hit up to 30 times
    - DMG Increased by about 50%

    :: Ascension Dragon
    - Increased DMG by about 60%

    :: Dragon Dive
    - Increased DMG by about 40%
    - Number of hits possible increased in PvE

    :: Sacred Protection
    - Now transfers 75% of the DMG allies take to the caser
    - Decreases DMG taken for the allies further by 75% reduction
    - Increased Radius tenfold

    :: Vitality Buff
    - Increased HLT% gain to 5% per level. Level 10 is 50% total.
    - Skill can only be used by Jokers (Forgot to implement)

    :: Agility Buff
    - Increased AGI% gain to 5% per level. Level 10 is 50% total.
    - Skill can only be used by Jokers (Forgot to implement)

    :: Strength Buff
    - Increased STR% gain to 5% per level. Level 10 is 50% total.

    :: Intelligence Buff
    - Increased INT% gain to 5% per level. Level 10 is 50% total.

    [PvE Skill Changes]

    Every single PvE skill with the exception of, joker, shadow, dragoon have had their DMG and some cooldown nerfed.

    This is not final, and feedback is appreciated after this patch.

    All the PvE skills were just simply too strong, and we're trying to balance it out.

    I apologize to you again, after making them so strong only to nerf it again.

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    Re: [Patch Note] V3.41 - Skill Rework Started

    Post by Remikum on Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:39 am

    Oh gosh the new damage confuses me so hard.
    Don't get me wrong, I love the new damage. It still does look OP but even Endairon needs now his time. But still there are many things changeable and that's why I tested my skills on our 4 main bosses.
    I will list now everything I found and what can be changed. I did all damage tests with full endairon equipment.

    -> Autoshot System (before and after update: Deals about 30 million damage)
    -Still way to OP for cooldown and duration. Damage depends on the boss. Got even buffed for bone and paris. They both recieve 70 million dmg now.
    -It didn't changed something at Elga and it's just a Joke of a skill when used at Endairon. Deals 150dmg. And I didn't forgot the K or million. Wink

    -> Vulcan 300 (Before update: deals 14mil damage|After update: deals 7 mio)
    -As Autoshot System, still to OP for the cooldown and duration.
    -Deals 70 dmg at Endairon. No k or mil damage.

    -> Nuclear (Before Update: 60mil damage|After Update: 6mil on Monsters and 12mil on bosses)
    - Maybe you can exchange the damage from autoshot with Nuclear, because Nuclear can be a very risky move at Endairon. If damage gets increased, more cooldown.

    -> Particle Canon (Before Update: 6mil | After Update: 3-4mil)
    - Damage is okay for this move since the animation is horrible long but its a great damage dealer. Everytime when endairon is knocked down and a use of this skill kills 2-3% of his HP.(And also the only skill staying strong at Endairon)
    - Still can get some more cooldown because of the high damage. (It's now on 5seconds cooldown.)

    -> Carpet Bombing (Before Update: 6mil | After Update: Monsters 2mil and Bosses 4mil)
    - NEEERF.
    - 2 Seconds cooldown, hits insanely often (only for laying and great monsters) and spamable.
    - DMG decreases extremely when Endairon is on low health.

    -> Sniping (Before Update 4mil | After Update 1-2mil)
    - I love sniping but its a disappointment at Endairon
    starts nice with a damage of about 2mil and ends with 70k dmg (Endairon on Low health 10%HP~)
    - Cooldown and damage are for other monsters nice.

    -> Gatling Rush (Before Update: 3-4mil Damage | After Update: 1,2-2mil damage)
    - 5 Seconds cooldown are okay for the damage it deals. Also flinches the enemy
    - Bad at endairon with low health :S starts with 2mil and ends with 2k dmg.

    -> H.E Grenade (Before Update: 2mil | After Update: 800k - 1,3mil)
    - Dmg nerf and 0,5-1 second more cooldown, to high dmg for the low cooldown.
    - Also gets badly nerfed at endairon with low health.

    ->Two Action Shot (Level 10) (Before Update: 1,6mil | After Updat: 450K)
    -I don't know if this was really on purpose but I love it. Its not to strong and not to weak for an auto attack. Since we don't have criticals, it's also a good compensation.
    -Deals on endairon 1mil damage each arrow but gets very weak with Endairon on low health.

    ->Shootdown and Multishot (Before and after Update 400-450K)
    - Awesome skills because of the many hits. Does as much damage as the player have. Could be still 10% stronger. Not more.

    -> Selfbomber (Before and after Update 450K)
    As a huge fan of the skill, I would love to see this skill stronger. It's a risky move (But got superarmor) and have a nice cooldown.

    Endairon himself:
    You didn't mention something but he got harder with this Update, he deals now more damage again. Increased from 90K to 110k.
    Also it's suuuuper unfair with the skills getting weaker when he is on low health. Still soloable but super lame when you just can knock him down to use the only damage skill that works on him, Partical Canon.

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    Re: [Patch Note] V3.41 - Skill Rework Started

    Post by fshnchps on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:09 am

    Okay, it seems I failed to decrease his defence. Maybe I edited wrong data again.

    Also you have to count in that using Endairon weapon, you will do "True Damage" to him based on how much HP he has left.

    It's not that your skills are bugged, but rather his defence is too high for your skills when the TrueDMG is low.

    But I'll fix that.

    As for shootdown and multishot, I will not touch these. Because they are available for sentinel aswell.

    Thank you for feedback. Be adviced autoshotsystem vulcan and carpet are the ones I have in mind to get a bit more nerf.

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    Re: [Patch Note] V3.41 - Skill Rework Started

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