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    [Patch Note] V4.52


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    [Patch Note] V4.52 Empty [Patch Note] V4.52

    Post by BrainSheep on Tue Feb 09, 2016 3:38 pm

    :: EXP Event over

    - Exp rates reverted back to previous values

    :: Items

    - Removed boss damage stat on all sets (didnt work properly)
    - Added true damage to Endairon bow and crossbow
    - Added Pure block to Dragoon endairon 6 set effect
    - Decreased True dmg on Endairon Blade from 5000 to 2000
    - Removed Pure block Jacko set

    :: All classes

    Dash attack
    - Enabled for all classes

    :: Dragoon

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Brushjab:: Spear jab
    - now hits all target types

    :: Overlord

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Bearkick:: I'm gone bear
    - Fixed damage scaling

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Bloodyroar:: Bloody roar
    - Decreased damage increase by half

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Earthcrash:: Wrath of earth
    - Removed superarmour
    - Reduced damage
    - Now hits all target types on level 1-3

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Deathbound:: Death bound
    - Now hits all target types on level 1-3

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Brokenmagnum:: Magnum break
    - Now hits all target types on lv 1-3

    :: Magician

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Concentration:: Focus
    - Disabled in pvp

    :: Sorcerer

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Blood:: Blood Oath
    - decreased 45% to 22.5%

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Manashield:: Mana shield
    - Disabled in pvp

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Magicmissile:: Magic missle
    - Reduced damage

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Cloudkill:: Cloud kill
    - Reduced damage
    - Inreased cooldown

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Blizzerd:: Blizzard
    - Reduced freeze duration

    :: Invoker

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Lmagnet :: Lightning Magnet
    - reduced casting time
    - removed superarmor

    :: Thief

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Rocketpunch:: Rocket punch
    - Reduced stun duration
    - Increased cooldown
    - Reduced range
    - Stun chance is now 100%

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Poisonfog:: Venom
    - Reduced width range
    - Reduced damage

    :: Joker

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Sonicboom:: Boomerang
    - Added attack speed scaling

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Seven:: Seven
    - Added attack speed scaling

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Aerial:: Aerial kick
    - Added attack speed scaling

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Megadrillshot:: Mega drill
    - Now hits all target types

    [Patch Note] V4.52 GrapplingClaw:: Claw fishing
    - Reduced range

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Marionette:: Marionette
    - Reduced damage
    - Removed stun

    [Patch Note] V4.52 HellShouting:: Hell shouting
    - Fixed amount of hits
    - Reduced stun duration

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Cossackdance:: Cossack
    - Reduced range

    :: Ninja

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Ninja:: Ninja transformation
    - Made all related skills not require transformation (Experimental)
    - Reduced range on dash attack

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Throwingdagger:: Trowhing Dagger
    - Fixed damage on Lv 1-3 for PvP
    - Increased cooldown to 2 seconds

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Shuriken:: Devilstorm Dart
    - Added attack speed scaling

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Sentinel:: Sentinel

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Sharp:: Sharpshooting
    - Reduced range
    - Increased cooldown to 3 seconds
    - Reduced damage

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Splashtrap:: Splash trap
    - Reduced damage

    :: Destroyer

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Handgranade:: HE Grenade
    - Increased cooldown depending on level

    [Patch Note] V4.52 Adrenaline:: Adrenaline
    - Removed true damage

    :: Earth Master

    [Patch Note] V4.52 SmareShot:: Smart shot
    - Disabled due to being abused

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    [Patch Note] V4.52 Empty Re: [Patch Note] V4.52

    Post by Azumia on Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:16 pm

    You forgot to change Lv.1-3 Ascending Dragon DMG for pvp

    Also, I think we should make Headspin only hit launched enemy like Wyv but Lv.4 should be normal for PvE purpose.

    Remove Max HP reduction debuff from Death Bound.

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