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    [Tips and tricks] Be more creative as a Joker in PvP!


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    [Tips and tricks] Be more creative as a Joker in PvP! Empty [Tips and tricks] Be more creative as a Joker in PvP!

    Post by ViveLaTrance on Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:40 pm


    Jokers tend to be considered a class with low variation, and while I don't think of it that way, I can't blame anyone for believing so. When I see other Jokers play, I usually do see that lack of variation. The gameplay is mainly focused on getting that crucial FD catch off. Aside of that they'll be using random skills like drill, cossack and US, more to fill the FD cooldown than anything else. Of course some players would show more variation, but in the end it's still usually mostly about that crucial FD catch.

    Anyway, I used to be the only player back on Gpotato who kept playing Joker in PvP on a regular base, after the FD nerf. I have thank Tonje and Mink here, for keeping me motivated on that class right after the nerf Smile Even though Joker used to struggle back then vs a few classes due to the lack of range, I did learn some ways to work around FD.

    Now, right here with FD back to what it used to be and some skill modifications, I think Jokers are in a pretty good position to be able to deal with most classes (aside of Sentinel, but I dont think any class can Smile ) All that WITHOUT the use of FD catch! So here I am, trying to encourage a more creative style. However, if you are looking for some instant success, this definitely isn't gonna help you out.


    Seven Cancelling

    The first thing you need to learn is to cancel your actions with the use of 'Seven' in the Harlequin skill tree. I suggest you move this skill to a key you can get to very easily, because you'll want to use it very often.
    - If you are standing/rolling you will cancel your action and will use Seven in that position. Seven will go on cooldown.
    - If you are midair you will cancel your action. You will not cast the skill and Seven will not go on cooldown.  This means you can perform several animation cancels in a row (examples to follow). Seven will also cancel dash jumps, which allows jokers to have some kind of triple dashes mid-air (no real ones) pretty easily.

    Catching combos

    PvP is no longer about that one catching skill, but combos that set you up for a proper catch. I'll just go through some of the easiest skills to replace FD and examples on how to turn them into one. I'm sure you can make a combo after that. It's highly recommended to play Joker at high att speed without actual attack speed abuse (for example x-att spam)

    Cutdown: The ability to cancel mid-air dashes with Seven can set you up for pretty easy Cutdowns.
     Combo setup:
    - Cutdown > FD
    - Cutdown > RS (must be lvl3 at least) > FD
    - Cutdown > US > early Seven cancel > aerial frenzy (optional) > Judge > Seven cancel > FD
    - Cutdown > predict roll > FD
    - Cutdown > let roll > dash attack > relaunch > aerial frenzy (optional) > Judge > Seven cancel > Cutdown > FD (okay, maybe this combo is a bit too hard...)

    Rolling Stinger: This is a harder variation to the FD catch. RS has smaller range and just a flinch. However, you can simply cancel this skill whenever you want (even without the use of Seven), so you can walk out if you mess up.
     Combo setup:
    - RS > FD
    - RS > US > early Seven cancel > aerial frenzy (optional) > Judge > FD

    Upper Screwdriver: This one is pretty much the easiest alternative. You can even cancel this one with Seven if you mess up.
     Combo setup:
    - US > early Seven cancel > Judge > Seven cancel > FD (It's possible without Judge too, but please, that's just too easy)

    Sonic Boom: Boomerang used to be that useless random skill. Now it can set up for a relaunch pretty well.
     Combo setup:
    - Boomerang > relaunch > aerial frenzy (optional) > Judge > Seven cancel > Cutdown > FD
    - Short range boomerang > RS (must be at least lvl3) > FD

    Of course there are other skills you can use to initiate a combo with, but if you can figure the skills above out, I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the skills aswell.  

    It's all about understanding what your skills can do and how to chain them into a combo. In the end, you want your style to become more intuitive and reactive than anything else, and not about fixed combos.

    Well, I hope this gets some of you motivated to play a more creative Joker style and explore their potential in pvp with me.
    Hope to see you in pvp soon Smile

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    [Tips and tricks] Be more creative as a Joker in PvP! Empty chaosmage guide

    Post by Darks on Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:21 am

    can you please post the same thing for a chaosmage(sorcerer)

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