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    [Patch Note] V4.7 - Akhalon, Akanai's ancestors resurrection


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    [Patch Note] V4.7 - Akhalon, Akanai's ancestors resurrection Empty [Patch Note] V4.7 - Akhalon, Akanai's ancestors resurrection

    Post by fshnchps on Tue Mar 01, 2016 3:42 pm

    For centuries, drakans have inhabitet the world of Dragonica.

    Their spiritual power and religion were one of their most known aspect of them.
    However due to their special ritual for mourning the dead, they pass the dead's spirit in purity.

    But where does the anger, hatred, regret go?

    It roams in the Akia caves. After thousands of years, the emotional spirit that was divided from the dead, were so dense it created a multiple personality spirit that would cause damage and havoc to Kaze'ura.

    Brave heroes of both human and drakan were strong enough to seal multiple of its' strong personalities.

    But that was not enough to stop his revengeful personality, growing with madness Akanai grew bigger, and lost himself. Akhalon, his avengeful personality had taken control of all of him. Akhalon grew his power, and shared his spiritual strength to the other spirit out of sympathy.

    Now again, Akhalon the last personality must be sealed. Before kazeura is cursed forever in torment.


    :: Akhalon

    This patch introduces a new dungeon rework that takes over Akia Cave. Or as known as other; Akanai

    His new personality, strength goes by the name of Akhalon. If you challenge and defeat him, you can harvest parts of the collected soul, and cursed fragments to craft the new Equipment gear that will be available by V5.0 Patch.

    By all means, this dungeon is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SOLO'ED and don't come with complaints about how strong it is unless you're actually completely maxed out along with your party.

    And still can't do it no matter what you try.

    Loot can be farmed already
    New item are not released yet

    :: Skill Changes

    [Patch Note] V4.7 - Akhalon, Akanai's ancestors resurrection Sniping :: Sniping
    - Fixed amount of shots for PvE back to normal.

    [Patch Note] V4.7 - Akhalon, Akanai's ancestors resurrection FistHarmony :: Harmony (Dragon fighter)
    - Should no longer be shared to allies

    [Patch Note] V4.7 - Akhalon, Akanai's ancestors resurrection GhostFighter :: Ghost Fighter
    - Increased cooldown from 15 seconds to 60 seconds at Lv.1/2/3/5

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