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    [Official Rule Changes] Rules, decisions & ban list


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    [Official Rule Changes] Rules, decisions & ban list

    Post by fshnchps on Fri Mar 04, 2016 9:43 pm

    As of 20th of April

    Due to a heavy amount of player loss involving BSQ Rules and a very obscure amount of players getting warnings for breaking BSQ rules.

    I've deemed it being a obstacle to have these BSQ Rules. Players want to enjoy the game, and these rules limit how they can play. So in short, there will be no BSQ rules anymore.

    Do note, if you are against this idea, make a thread in suggestion suggesting players to contribute in coming together for making a new set of rules for bsq if such is necessary.

    Also don't forget dear players, suggestions, words, feedback have power. You have the power of words, power of words can sway other, many others including yourself can change the server. That is how I wish the server to work.

    (Absurb stupid suggestions that is completely unbalanced won't be respect however)
    Like, "make everything free", "make cleric strongest dps". Will be counted as absurd.

    As of 16th of March.

    There was a discussion that ended up in multitudes of attacks toward how I deal with people who break the rules.

    As such, I am too immature or how I take decision on these matters are unacceptable.
    The wish then , is to be professional.

    Hence the following things will be changed when taking action to rule breakers:
    - I will no longer listen to their side of story.
    - I will no longer investigate the situation before punishing
    - I will no longer consider if them breaking the rule had a heavy impact

    As such, if someone is reported, with clear proof. He or she will be banned instantly. Regardless if he or she has read the rules or not.

    It is obligatory for every player to know all the rules and play by them as they play on the server


    Any resistance toward the punishment:
    Will be met with even heavier punishment, atone for the sins you have done to others. Rules are made to balance, and make the gameplay smoother and more fair for everyone else.

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    Re: [Official Rule Changes] Rules, decisions & ban list

    Post by fshnchps on Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:07 pm

    Updated on
    04.20.2016 - 14:07:31 GMT+2

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    Re: [Official Rule Changes] Rules, decisions & ban list

    Post by Dimka5 on Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:01 pm

    u have to remove the whole feather system/items... ppl need feathers and they ll do all to get them... if u remove the feathers or change the system, then u ll have less rule breakers

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    Re: [Official Rule Changes] Rules, decisions & ban list

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