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    General stuff from new guy eyes


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    General stuff from new guy eyes Empty General stuff from new guy eyes

    Post by sadzi on Mon Apr 04, 2016 6:31 pm

    Been testing this server for some time now and i got to say its quite fun, but there is few thing i really dont like here ( no offence ). First of all, about class choice, i think some of them are dead and cant be played by new ppl - 85% of players are shadows, thats already makes it booooring and you buff them ven more on next update(?). Earth master got his auto att banned, so it makes him already uselless, yeah you add few pve skills, but they got long CD, and shutter if you try to use them while moving, so you need to stop totaly to be able to use them. Never played Twin fighter before, so cant really say much about him, but only saw 1 or 2 players who actualy play him in this server. Also took away cleric auto att, well, thats also sad, i can survive good with him, but do half as much dmg as others, but hes healer here, so lets say its ok. Sentinel, Sorcerer, Howitzer, Destroyer are even in my oppinion, got + and - . Dragoon is a tank here, so dont expect any dmg from him, but Joker need some love, hes really weak here i think, all his skills are mid to long cast time, paris for example always interupt them by pushing me away, so it makes close to super hard to beat her. All those chars i played are lvl 70 + with zaurant and heilroom sets.
    Next about F7, can it be opened here ? Cuz i tryed to do quests, but boss in graveyard dungeon is lvl 111 or smth like that, can we even kill that ?
    Also Class Guides section is totaly empty, some old players could add any info about that class new guys could find usefull, no need full in depth guides, just few tips about stat points, what soulcraft options are better for that class and stuff like that.
    I dont play pvp at all here, cuz i dont think you can do a sh** without all those top tier items.
    Cash shops a bit confusing at first until you get used to it, but thats ok.
    Also i think you should "rise from dead" more dungeons, dont matter what they give, make reward reasonable to time spent there and it will be way more interesting than farming same dungeon over and over.
    Also would be nice if you could translate those chinese item names , cuz i litteraly have no idea what the hell some items are Very Happy
    Also maps are dying sometimes, cant enter dungeons for some reason, dunno why :S
    Other than that, keep up the good work, no offense given, i hope none taken Smile

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