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    [Patch Note] V4.952


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    [Patch Note] V4.952 Empty [Patch Note] V4.952

    Post by fshnchps on Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:40 pm

    :: Bounty Restrictions

    We've added a couple of new restrictions that makes the Elga and Endairon not able to be traded or mailed to other players. They can still however be moved around inside your account using your Account Vault

    Why this all of a sudden? This is something I had to put in instead of punishing each of the Diamond Club players who are buying and exchanging bounties for multiple friends when their terms of usage is that they can only do it for 1 friend, permanently that 1 chosen friend.

    :: New costume set implemented

    [Patch Note] V4.952 WL4zjm3 Sly Little Wizard
    This has been requested for quite some time now, and we discussed about me selecting out 3 sets right? This is the first one. This can be used by both humans and drakans and all genders.

    It has no stats and can be bought in W-Shop as a product there. ID's ranging from 5011 to 5016.

    Those who have Fashion VIP function do not need to buy them. And can just use the itemlist to search for the Sly little wizard's ID.

    :: Skill Changes

    [Patch Note] V4.952 Gustslash :: Gust Slash
    - Removed 'Superarmor' status from skill

    [Patch Note] V4.952 Warcry :: Stumblebum
    - Increased cooldown from 10 seconds to 20 seconds

    The reason we did this, is because from multiple feedbacks there's been quite alot of grief about Overlord that has the highest pvp dmg output to be easily played because of these 2 skills being abused in a manner that makes them easy to play.

    However that was never our intention, overlord is designed to be a high difficulty class that is slow but rewarded with high dmg output if they can pull the skills off.

    :: Black Dragon Lord Weapon Recipes

    From multiple feedback over the course of months, we've gotten few feedback about recipe being too difficult or grindy for being one of the beginner tiers.

    So I started asking around and it seems alot of players are in agreement to that. So to adjust it, I've lowered the requirement to get the recipe at the same time as lowering cost of the recipe drastically.

    Previous requirement:
    40 x Mana Spirit
    40 x Natural Spirit
    75 x Elga Bounties
    2500 x Wcoin to craft

    Previous requirement:
    20 x Mana Spirit
    20 x Natural Spirit
    30 x Elga Bounties
    750 x Wcoin to craft

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