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    Masquerader Skill Problems


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    Masquerader Skill Problems Empty Masquerader Skill Problems

    Post by Unknowneth on Fri May 06, 2016 2:58 pm

    Not easy to provide a screenshot for this problem, but here are the skills that act weird.

    Affected character: Clayxmore

    [Awakening Skill] Hell Shouting (PvE) Lv. 4
    I didn't try that skill on other skill levels to see if it acted weird on those, too. Problem here is that I rarely hit with all the skills. The animation shows, but it just doesn't register any damage and doesn't do any damage on that matter.

    Step The Beat! Lv. 1 (or Dance of Protection, I suppose it is called here)
    Tried to use it on party members, didn't give them protective aura and somehow acts weird with casting that buff, too. Can see the AoE circle, but before casting fully it stops abruptly to do nothing at all.
    What I tried to solve it is use it after specific skills; while jumping; reskilled. Didn't help anyhow and it is still bugged. Also looked to see if anyone else on my party already had the aura on them, but they didn't and the aura animation was not there either after casting.

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    Masquerader Skill Problems Empty Re: Masquerader Skill Problems

    Post by fshnchps on Fri May 06, 2016 3:15 pm

    Your research is a bit half assed. Did you test recreating the party?

    From testing today, the dance of protection is working as intended.
    And yes the animation is intentionally like that.

    As for the Hell scream, this is a result of increasing range of hellscream. It actually hits further away, but has a longer range than before. So you have to step back quite a bit if you want to hit something specific.

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