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    [Patch Note] V5.0 - Akhalon's first tier armor set release


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    [Patch Note] V5.0 - Akhalon's first tier armor set release

    Post by fshnchps on Tue May 10, 2016 7:27 am

    :: New Service

    This new service is a upgrade system that allows players to inject various loot from Akhalon dungeon to add curse effect into their equipment.

    Upon achieving a certain point of curse and specific amounts of soul fragment used. The item will become cursification-able.

    Once passed that stage, the item will be able to be transformed by pressing the purple round button again. After the 24 hours waiting time of cursification. It is recommended, once you get to the 24 hour cursification.

    Leave the item as it is, until you get the rest of your equipment to the same stage.
    Your enchants, expand, soulcraft, soulforce will be kept on the items.

    Right, this is not tested completely yet, so if you do get some problems with it, please report it to me.

    :: Battlesquare Timers

    BSQ Times has been changed once again, it is now open as following:

    ServerTime GMT+1

    12:00 - (Special BSQ with more rewards)

    19:00 - (Special BSQ with more rewards)

      Current date/time is Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:13 pm