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    [Patch Note] V5.11 - Fixes and more Dragon Knight Reworks


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    [Patch Note] V5.11 - Fixes and more Dragon Knight Reworks Empty [Patch Note] V5.11 - Fixes and more Dragon Knight Reworks

    Post by fshnchps on Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:59 am

    :: Dragon Knight rework revision 2

    As for the 2nd revision, I've revisited the aspects that the nerf covered before. As such block gave them an insane amount of defensive attribute in BSQ.

    However to fix this issue after nerfing it, we've given them more power on their skills.

    Mega Stormblade
    Dragon Dive
    Shield Strike
    Blaze Youth

    In addition to that, I've made Impervion last 60 seconds. And no longer gives the user 50% 'Superarmor' effect. But it gives them a 25% 'Superarmor' effect now.

    :: Akhalon Alpha Earrings

    Bug Fix:
    - Fixed the bug where [Akhalon Alpha Earrings] did not give ATK and MATK as it was supposed to.

    - Given [Akhalon Alpha Earrings] 50% - 100% CDMG from 1★ to 3★

    :: Revisiting Production Buff from v5.1

    Some of you may have noticed I missed the Expanders for weapons. I've fixed it in this patch, and the fact you also get less expanders for using Blessed materials.

    It can now yields more, and I hope you guys are happy with the changes so far.

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