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    Skills remake for destroyers


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    Skills remake for destroyers Empty Skills remake for destroyers

    Post by Inazuma on Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:34 pm

    With the current version of 5.16, most of the classes have their skill damage scale increase quite sharply.(Such as ninja, cleric, devas and earth master)

    As a destroyer player, I think it is necessary to remake some of their skills to balance the trend that everybody choosing devas or ninja now.

    Now I will list some of the skills that I do think they need to improve for better PvE experience.

    1. Gatling Rush: Currently the dmg scale is 7500% per hit, it is kinda low if considering it has a cd of 5 sec. But the most essential part is that the hit count which limited to 3 target makes it a bad skill for clearing. Also the horizontal hit box is rather narrow to hit.(Sometimes cant even hit falling akia mobs)

    2.H.E Grenade: As its cd is rly short so it can deal moderate dmg even the scale is only 3750%, but i hope it can be boosted as compared to ninja 15000% dagger, dmg from grenade just the way too insignificant. Actually I do experience some glitches when 8(or more?) grenades hit a bunch of mobs. So i will suggest to half the numbers of grenades and double the dmg scale.

    3.Sniping: Considered as the significant skill for destroyers, sniping is used to be the best dps for boss since it deal massive dmg(12m per hit with 1m ATK, I'm not sure if this is high or low actually). The limitation to hit 1 mob is acceptable as this skill is designed for boss dealer. However, current cd of 9 sec make it a poor skill to deal dmg.(everybody will just use tas instead of it) Thus I hope PvE mode of sniping can reduce cd to 4sec . Instead of PvE, PvP verison of sniping shall be nerfed a bit by increase its cd(maybe 8sec). It is quite unfair if the player always use the hit n run tactics with sniping.

    4.Vulcan 300: One of the significant skill for detroyers, and the most dps if u can manage to fix mobs within its hit range. The dmg is sufficient for now, just the hit box rly narrow for mobs. You will find it quite hard to utilise when comes to clearing mobs in akia as the mobs blinking everywhere. Hope a adjustment will be made about its hit box. However, for PvP ver it shall remain the narrow hit box, it is meant to hit precisely, not brutally.(It rly hurts in PvP)

    These are the skills that I think will need some remake to get a better experience for both PvE and PvP. But what annoyed me the most is the settings of destroyers skills cannot hit mobs in akia when they float, same for the boss.(Only Particle Cannon deal dmg to them) This drastically reduce the dmg deal for destroyers in akia cave.(Even TAS cannot hit unless u jump and shot) Is there any way to curb with this problem? When the moment you see split arrow passing through ahkalon but deal no dmg at all, you will feel the same as I do.

    Kindly my suggestion will be considered for the next patch, and it is welcome for everybody to correct the outrageous parts I have stated above. Thank You.

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    Skills remake for destroyers Empty Re: Skills remake for destroyers

    Post by aymenleme on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:44 pm

    was waiting for this +1

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