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    Game and Forum Rules !!MUST READ!!


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    Game and Forum Rules !!MUST READ!! Empty Game and Forum Rules !!MUST READ!!

    Post by Emi on Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:11 am

    All of these rules must be followed or your account may result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on the situation.
    If you for some reason require an Admin or Mod please don't hesitate to ask, we will do what we can to sort things out.

    We will always give you a warning atleast once. After that depending on the situation, multiple things could happen: Permanent or temporary ban, removal of items, character removal, service panel lockout etc.

    All official staff members will have this icon Game and Forum Rules !!MUST READ!! J41oNFb by their name in the game chat, if you see someone pretending to be a Mod or GM please report to staff. Below is a list of all current official staff.

    Staff members


    • fshnchpz | Owner
      Characters: [GM]Fishy, [GM]SubZero, Chopsticks, Toobo
      Skype: Joe (thejoe67)


      • BrainSheep | Helps with stuff
        Characters:  [Mod]Leks, Yona

      • Minkypie | Emergency restarter
        Characters:  [Mod]Minkypie

      • Nightslash | In-game Moderator
        Characters:  [Mod]Zindella, Nightz


      Rule and guidelines

      Do note this list can change at anytime and that all players are responsible for following and knowing the rules.

      1.1 Insults, harassment or threats to a person or group will not be dealt with lightly.
      1.2 Every fight between 2 or several individuals should be kept private and not be read-able by other people who are not involved.


      2.1 Do not defame a person because you lost to him/her. If you don't like how he/she plays, do not fight that person.
      2.2 Third party programs and editing of game files for advantage is not allowed. With the exception of "Macro" and multi-clienting for PvE.
      2.3 You cannot exploit bugs and glitches intentionally. If the exploit causes inconvinience to a player, you will be punished.
      2.4 Do not spam megaphone or love cards with very unecessary messages.
      2.5 Megaphone/TradeChat/LoveCard must be in English.
      2.6 Leeching Battlesquare for feathers/monster card boxes obviously will lead to deletion of all feathers/card boxes/cards in obsession
      2.7 No taking higher ground at the new DeathMatch BSQ Mode at 14:00 and 23:00
      2.8 Do not use (★)PvP Characters for PvE or Battlesquare and do not gear them up.


      3.1 Do not create multiple threads regarding the same thing. Such threads will be locked and removed. If you need a question asked please look through existing threads first.
      3.2 Do not double post
      3.3 Do not post meaningless comments only to gain higher post count. This will be regarded as spam and the comment will be removed.

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