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    [Patch Notes] 11.08.2015 - Featuring new Soulcraft


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    [Patch Notes] 11.08.2015 - Featuring new Soulcraft Empty [Patch Notes] 11.08.2015 - Featuring new Soulcraft

    Post by fshnchps on Fri Aug 14, 2015 9:41 am

    Notes to Soulcraft System
    - Obtaining artifact should be done using ]Seal Scroll] & [Premium Unsealing Scroll]
    - Enchanting any equipment should be done on [Artifact]or lower quality
    - Insurance scroll should only be used for new Legendary Soulcraft, hence the name Legendary SoulcrafT Insurance scroll

    Legendary Soulcraft
    - Option randomizer cannot be used on Legendary
    - Enchanting cannot be used on Legendary
    - Soulforce for legendary has been changed from 99-100 to 99-999

    The new legendary system for soulcraft, increases the potential of an item drastically. Alot of items will never be the same as other players anymore. due to the high variation of soulforce. Even 20 soulforce can be a big difference when you have +20 on it.

    The Insurance scrolls cost quite a bit and should only be used when doing legendary. Otherwise you are wasting your cash.

    Enchanting Rates
    - From +0 to +15 the chances of success is 95%. Most of the time you will not need any Insurance scroll.
    - From +16 and onward your item can downgrade and break, use [Advanced Insurance Scroll]

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