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    Pros and Cons opinion.


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    Pros and Cons opinion. Empty Pros and Cons opinion.

    Post by caster03 on Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:43 am

    This are my own personal opinion,


    1. Bounty System
    2. Crafting
    3. Balanced Classes
    4. Costumize Gears/Costumes/wings
    5. Frequent game Updates
    6. Active Player Support and guides (forum)
    7. F2P Friendly (not like other servers that pushes u to donate to get end game gears)


    1. Frequent Map crashes
    2. Long Bone/Paris/Elga Cutscenes
    3. Unbalance BSQ (im talking about +20 enda players vs +27-30     Enda players)
    4. Low population of Players

    Let me be honest tho, i like all the features of the server except for BSQ, Yes all the classes are balance for maximum pvp fairness but as u all know not all players spend long time in the game to farm Infused Enchant Dust to get more damage (gives u edge in bsq), just imagine ur expecting to fight in bsq with players that has same Tier or Near that but u get rekt by max geared players like ur nothing , i bet ull find it discouraging and end up quitting (like the few friends i invited). BSQ does not intended to be milked and abused by same players in my opinion.

    Pretty much hoping joe will revamp BSQ with enchantment Restrictions sort of or do something about it to get everything balance and fun for all the people in the server.

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    Pros and Cons opinion. Empty Re: Pros and Cons opinion.

    Post by fshnchps on Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:26 am

    Most likely what is causing the biggest difference in bsq is not the master enchantments.

    But Seraphim 5★
    The Defence and Crit DMG advantage is a huge comparison.

    A new item will be out soon that will have the same Defence with no Feather cost.
    But those players who spent alot of time and effort to make master enchantment ingredients should be rewarded and have a slight advantage. There wouldn't be a point if we were to disable them out of BSQ. Speaking of which is not even possible.

    As for low population, this is the same for any private server. Dragonica is a old and dead game. You  won't see more than 60 players online average on most server including this. Unless ofcourse we all merge population.

    To those who you refer to +27 and higher, those players are most likely LostHeaven I assume.

    They have played, farmed ever since September of 2015. They're extremely old players.They also have alot of experience in S6 Hardcore Preset rules PVP. I can see why you would think the gear is making the most difference. But combine the 2 aspect they have, and it becoems extremely one sided.

    My normal character is just normal Endairon Tier with Seraphim 1★ and 25.000 STR. I do pretty alright against them, so even if they are higher geared, you can still kill them. Even tho they kill you 2 times faster in terms of stat wise.

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