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    Endairon Wings balance


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    Endairon Wings balance Empty Endairon Wings balance

    Post by ToekToek on Wed May 04, 2016 12:56 am

    The Endairon compared to the Seraphim wings are approximately the same except for the bonus set the Seraphim has and the way of procurement.

    The Seraphim wings require half of what the Endairon wings require of WCoins, and have, as primary ingredient, feathers. You can get feathers rather easily, you just need to attend the BSQ.

    On the other hand, the Endairon wings require Endairon crystals, that can't be acquired by just anybody attending the BSQ (you actually have to get good gear and spend the time to farm the mats), and require quite a sum of Wcoin (more than double the amount).

    So we have better wings that are easier to get* and are better due to the set bonus (STR+50%, INT+25%, CRIT+150%), while the supposed to be end-game Endairon wings do not have a set bonus.

    *Even though the feathers are (to my knowledge) only obtainable through BSQ and can't be traded, therefore require a lot of time to craft, I don't think it's productive to offer the player an alternative that is inferior, yet take twice the resources and efforts.

    I'm suggesting a buff to the Endairon wings.

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    Endairon Wings balance Empty Re: Endairon Wings balance

    Post by witchhunter on Wed May 04, 2016 2:23 am

    endarion wing is for pve and serphian is for pvp and bonus str and int only made your def/magic def stronger to survial is bsq and crit damge is also pvp too. and i think endarion wing is enough def and hp to do akani and enda

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    Endairon Wings balance Empty Re: Endairon Wings balance

    Post by Lucy on Wed May 04, 2016 2:46 am

    well, if buff endairon wing, it useless for other to get seraphim, and in future update, endairon wing can be craft into akhalon cape i think

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    Endairon Wings balance Empty Re: Endairon Wings balance

    Post by fshnchps on Wed May 04, 2016 3:28 am

    This is completely opposite of all the feedback I have gotten on Endairon Wings.

    So far, 12 out of 13 has given their thoughts about seraphim and endairon wings.

    12 out of 13 says:
    Endairon Wings are so easy to obtain it only takes less than 7 days
    Yet it gives so much stats, it's easy to get and gives huge stats comparable to seraph

    Most of them said a various number of days they experienced to get Seraphim 5, and some thought it would take even longer.

    However those who already obtained it through normal participations of bsq took more than 34 days in average.

    However the average for Endairon Wings, are actually lower than what I expected to be farmable. Most likely because alot of people had crystals laying around, the average days it took for most players to get the Endairon Wings 5 star, was 3 days.

    So in conclusion, Either Endairon wings would be nerfed slightly, or seraphim buffed slightly. Not the other way around from the collection of feedbacks.

    Each of the respective wings can upgrade to Akhalon respective wings

    Endairon Wings(1-5) => Akhalon Cape(1-3)
    Seraphim Wings(1-5) => Cursed Wings(1-3)

    This is how I have drafted it

    The Cursed Wings will not get anymore increase in STR boost or INT Boost.
    Both however will get a HP and DEF boost, but only the Cursed Wings will get a CDMG boost.

    Akhalon Cape will get a little bit of CDMG, but it does not scale as the Cursed Wings.

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    Endairon Wings balance Empty Re: Endairon Wings balance

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