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    [Working on] Patches that are being worked on! !Notes


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    [Working on] Patches that are being worked on! !Notes Empty [Working on] Patches that are being worked on! !Notes

    Post by fshnchps on Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:58 am

    Stat Points System

    Limit of points being added into specific stat:

    [STR] : 15.500 (Applied in Patch 05.09)
    [INT] : 15.500 (Applied in Patch 05.09)
    [AGI] : 750 (Applied in Patch 05.09)
    [VIT] : 150 (Applied in earlier Patch already)

    Special Services

    - Addition Stat Points (Applied in Patch 05.09)
    [W-Coin] x 15
    Can be used to buy 1 x [Bonus Stat Points
    (Total limit of 31900)

    - Cherry Petal Event
    Disable event after the 13th of September

    Cash Mall

    Translate the Socket Card page
    Add missing Socket Card in Socket card page

    Bounty System

    Since bounty system was released, we thought of the rewards alot. And we've reduced it couple of times aswell, even though we did that. It still seems it's giving too many coins still. 

    It's very likely we will decrease the amount of coins being rewarded again.

    - Rebalance the amount of coins and cash being rewarded. (Using average reward as a reference)

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