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    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature


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    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature Empty [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature

    Post by fshnchps on Fri Feb 19, 2016 8:56 am

    Alchemy will be a new custom feature that will use the service panel.

    It makes use of Production system on Dragonica, and will be using [Colored Grass] as component material.

    These grass with specific color can be broken down into other material which are colored shards. These shards are then used to as upgrade component for a new necklace we are introducing.

    :: New Upgrade-able Necklace

    The new necklace will be a introduced and a viable farmable item even for Tier 1 players. Meaning it will start of as very weak.

    However, as you progress in alchemy and use components, you can upgrade it and branch it into specialized stats.

    Example, at a certain level you can evolve it into new types, each type will specialize in a stat.


    RED evolution will focus on your ATK, later evolutions can give you MATK/ATK % amplification. And so on.

    Since there are multiple colors, and each color can be upgraded even further. There is a stage where evolution can branch together with other colors. Leading it to be a mix of different stats.

    So, it will be unknown what tree is the best one to go, but you should just select a stat you want to focus on first.

    Making multiple necklaces won't be a waste, because it is planned that multiple color necklaces will be used to craft a new necklace to further evolve and upgrade.

    So we plan to start off slow at first, but eventually there will be 100★ upgradeable. Meaning you can level your necklace from Lv.1-100. Each 10★ levels will most likely be a evolution stage. Where only way to get further is to evolve and cost alot more.

    All necklaces will be soulbound items!

    :: Alchemy Service

    Now the alchemy service is a service that let you Break down your grass in your Inventory, into Shards. These Shards are the components, very much like Element Shards.

    Everytime you break grass down, you obtain Alchemy EXP, by leveling up your Alchemy level, the chance of obtaining more or higher quality shards is increased. And that is how you get into the whole alchemy.

    Once you get enough Alchemy EXP to level up, there will be a research stage. You will need specific components to finish the level up. Once you handed in the specific components, you will have successfully succeededin leveling your alchemy level.

    The grass/components will be trade-able.

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    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature Empty Re: [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature

    Post by BrainSheep on Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:14 pm

    Icons we might use, Just for oppinions and suggestions

    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature B1fcIEk:: Earth
    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature WHiaR3t:: Fire
    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature UKZ3lBw:: Water
    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature Nql9zIj:: Air
    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature QDGrSIx:: Chaos
    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature N96L6nF:: Order

    And with these elements you will be able to make more advanced elements

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    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature Empty Re: [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature

    Post by RedHarmony on Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:41 pm

    Nice idea ^^ (gonna max Chaos lel)

    "Colored Grass"Are they already implanted ?

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    [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature Empty Re: [Under construction] Alchemy - Custom Feature

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