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    [Patch Note] V5.1 - Tweaks here and there + Upgradable akhalon accessories


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    [Patch Note] V5.1 - Tweaks here and there + Upgradable akhalon accessories Empty [Patch Note] V5.1 - Tweaks here and there + Upgradable akhalon accessories

    Post by fshnchps on Sat May 28, 2016 3:15 pm

    :: Cursification

    You can now cursify Akhalon Accessories to 2★ and 3★.

    The Belt of Healing healing rate has been nerfed a little bit. Caps out at 12k

    :: Production

    Whenever you produce items, it will no longer consume production points. So no need for the scroll anymore.

    Machines for processing can now have 25k durability, and will take much longer before you need to replace them again.

    Expanders were not possible to be crafted when you used grade 6 materials. you got insurances instead, but those could be bought in cash shop. So it was very dumb.

    Well that is fixed now, it will now give you expanders instead.

    :: Skill Rebalances

    Dragon Knights were a monster in BSQ. They were unstoppable if equally skilled. It didn't even take much skill to play them.

    The all target buff from long time ago, has gotten many many complaints. So I decided to make a little rework on the Dragon knights.

    Block Rate
    - This has been removed completely. And they can now use Barricade that has 2 seconds cooldown, and gives them 700milliseconds of 100% block rate. Yes, it's an interactive block system. No more automatic block with no skill involved.

    Skill Targeting
    Spear jab & Crosscut has been a problem because they could hit all kind of target type. So this has been fixed, it now only hits fallen and standing. (Including standing in air)

    Joint break no longer blocks your movement for a long time, only for half a second. It can also now hit all type target.

    Shield Strike and Hammer Crush. We know very well how dangerous their locks can be, but what we had in mind for joker and dragoon is that they should be able to keep enemy still for over 9 seconds. And thus, Ive reworked some cooldowns and stun durations on the following skills:

    - Hammer Crush
    - Shield Strike (Now has superarmor when casting it)

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